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CEO's Message

I would like to offer my heartfelt sympathy to all those suffering from COVID-19 and to everyone in a difficult situation. I would also like to extent my deepest appreciation to the medical workers and everyone else giving their utmost to prevent the spread of infections and maintain our way of life.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is currently facing a situation of uncertainty the likes of which we have never before experienced. In addition, the structure of industry itself is in the midst of significant and unpredictable change with the wave of transformation in the automotive industry known as CASE (connected, autonomous, shared, electrified), the expanded footprint of giant platform holders, accelerating digitalization, and the growing trend of going green.

Since its establishment in 1948, ARRK has provided services offering one-stop support for customers’ product development efforts as a product development support company, not only in the areas of automobiles and home appliances but in various industrial product, Styling Design, Engineering, Prototyping, Tooling, and Low Volume Production.
Our operating sites have been expanding across the world and coordinate with one another while all employees work in concert and value dialogue with customers to deliver optimal solutions in the fastest time.
Since 2018, ARRK has been a member of the Mitsui Chemicals Group, a major chemical company, and is in the process of leveraging the Group’s materials knowledge and networks in furtherance of our efforts.

It is said that product development during times of major change requires a shift from systematic development based on meticulous comparison and adjustment to so-called agile development that embraces trial and error.
We provide swift and flexible support for the product development efforts of customers who continue to grow in response to change, from global companies to startups.
The Packaged Solutions Business that ARRK began working on in 2019 provides the one-stop answer to customer needs by combining multiple functions instead of the conventional approach of supporting development on a per-function basis. We believe this truly caters to the needs of our customers for agile product development.

We want to become a corporate group that is able to contribute to all customer processes, going from requests to turning an idea into a real product, like giving it a shape or starting with small-lot production for trial sales.
Leveraging the trust and track record we have built up over seven-plus decades, we will continue to evolve into a partner that contributes to the growth of our customers by staying one step ahead of change.

May 2021

President & CEO


April, 2021 to the present
Representative Director, President & CEO of ARRK Corporation

April, 2019
Member of the Board,
Senior Managing Executive Officer
Business Sector President
Food & Packaging Business Sector
Responsibility: Health Care Business

April, 2018
Member of the Board,
Senior Managing Executive Officer
Business Sector President
Food & Packaging Business Sector
Responsibility: Mobility Business

March, 2018
Chairman of ARRK Corporation (Until June, 2020)

June, 2017
Member of the Board

April, 2017
Managing Executive Officer
Food & Packaging Business Sector President
Mobility Business Sector President

April, 2016
Managing Executive Officer
Business Sector President
Mobility Business Sector

April, 2015
Executive Officer
Business Sector President
Functional Polymeric Materials Business Sector

April, 2014
Executive Officer
General Manager
Performance Compound Div.

April 1985

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