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Our Values


Styling & Design Verification

Prototyping / 試作

From 3D data, we can produce prototype parts from just 1 piece to multiple parts for LVP via 3D printing, CNC machining, Resin casting, metal pressing, etc. to enable evaluation of design, appearance, suitability, market testing and many other applications. With high-level capability for painting, surface finishing, printing, assembly, prototypes can look and feel like the final production units.

Mockup / Block-model

Block-models, appearance models and working mock-ups can be built to assist in functional and aesthetical evaluation.

Sheet Metal Stamping Prototypes

We have capability to provide various sheet metal pressing or stamping prototype auto-parts, from a single part up to assembled BIW. with the support of our master craftsmen, technicians, engineers and processes in range of materials and thicknesses, we can support successful production launch.

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